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Most important: seychelles-fishing.com is not a charter operator but a personal initiative to assist passion mates. 


The objective is to provide comprehensive information on the outstanding sportsfishing options of Seychelles. On top you find consecutive reports, current catches, pictures and video clips to enable you an assessment of the local fishing grounds´ potential. So visit this site frequently or subscribe to the monthly newsletter for keeping up to date. In case of individual questions feel free to email me.


Instantly fascinated by the unique beauty, the spirit and the quality of fishing on my first visit in 1999 I since returned to Seychelles several times. Despite or maybe even because of many fishing experiences gathered in different places around the globe my attraction to this truly unique place kept growing, and eventually led to settling on Praslin in 2009. A developing network and the acquisition of a small boat helped to further increase knowledge since. Obviously it is not possible to learn all about Seychelles´ fishing in that time as probably a full human life span would not be enough. Still, I hope that seychelles-fishing.com will be a useful and entertaining source of information to you.


I would like to thank Andre, Charly, Christian, Faizal, Greg, Martin, Tony and all the many others who provide information and footage for this project. But especially to my old friend `Ton Pierre´ who since 1999 patiently answers my countless questions and is always ready to share his more than seventy years of local experience as an angler, longliner captain and charter skipper - and without whom I most probably would never have ended up here.


Tight Lines from Seychelles!


Daniel Hoenings

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addition from September 2016


According to the initial plan my sabbatical and along with it this project should have come to an end in about two months. Fortunately though it finds appreciation not only by many anglers and local skippers but meanwhile also with the authorities. Subsequently I am now authorised not only to continue seychelles-fishing.com but on top support interested skippers in more areas of marketing. Under the roof of Excel Sportsfishing Promotions I will now also deal with aspects like corporate identity development, website consulting & creation, promotional videos etc. This surely will be interesting and I am really looking forward to it. Only small worry is if all this will still leave me with sufficient time for the most important thing of all - to fish. 


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