fishing from charter sailing catamarans

To explore the Seychelles´ islands on board of a sailing catamaran is very popular and the choice of vessels has become fairly vast.

If the boat is chartered with skipper or crew it usually comes with two combos for trolling. Mostly 30lb class but sometimes also a 50lb outfit and a few lures. Not high end gear but reels like the popular Penn Senators or Shimano TLDs are fully okay to deal successfully even with larger pleagics like a Sailfish. A weak point is the most of the times quite old line on the reels that are often just half filled or so. Ideally inquire before your arrival what line class gear will be provided and then bring a new spool of adequate monofilament. To change the line is a small effort that can prevent you from losing perhaps the fish of your dreams. Add a handful of 120-200lb saltwater swivels and a few plugs as described in the trolling section and you will be fine.

Mainly the two lines will be trolled during transfers between islands but most skippers know the even more productive areas and will not mind spending some time there upon your request. Same is true for bottom fishing spots but for this you will have to bring your own gear as likewise for fly and spin which is good fun from the dinghi or shore around many of the moorings. It is advisable to check before your arrival if the described trolling gear is really included as a rental fee seems to become ever more common and is pretty much standard if you do a bare boat charter without skipper or crew. Such rental charge can be quite hefty so bringing your own even to be acquired gear can make sense. Especially if you do similar trips not just once or have other opportunities to use it. In this case make sure to bring along a small gaff as well as a wider selection of end tackle and lures.


To charter a sailing cat is also a very interesting option for anglers that want to do a hardcore fishing trip. With a bit of coordination the size and shape of such boats allows for the whole group to fish same time.

A few trolling lines can be pulled anyways. But there is also enough space to pop and jig as for both these fishing styles Seychelles are extremely attractive. Even more so as on such a trip the islands at the Drop Off are in reach and also the Amirantes where even the strongest angler can easily work himself into the ground.

Unfortunately while generally very competent the local skippers still have hardly a clue of these fishing techniques and there are no guides. So it all depends on one`s own skills to find productive fishing spots and apply suitable strategies. As even in Seychelles fish do not queue up to jump the boat the naturally high expectations sadly sometimes are not met. If you happen to find someone who has already fished your destination before, or at least knows from other similar areas how the cat jumps, this is a massive advantage.

Also most useful already when it comes to planning such a trip,  the selection of a suitable boat with the necessary equipment for these castaway regions and last but not least the advice on what fishing gear to bring and some other helpful or even critical for success aspects. If my advice and so far acquired experience might be of any benefit feel free to get in touch.


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