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Without doubt it is ideal to have a boat at one`s disposal. The choice of spots in reach is larger, changing area is no problem and you will have a skipper who knows where to fish. 

Still even from shore or wading Seychelles provides you with some exciting fishing in a scenery of unique beauty. Generally promising are capes and similar places with deeper water in casting distance and some current. Unfortunately the terrain often is impassable because of granite boulders and dense vegetation. Easier and unhindered access offer the many beaches. 

Seychelles fishing spin spot

Here try the sides that are usually confined by rocks. Also very good are the areas where the outer reef is closest to the beach and any openings and passages in the reef. Activity tends to slow a bit in the two hours around high and low tide. The periods in between with stronger currents proved to be better. If those come with dusk or dawn: just perfect.

Seychelles fishing spin catch Trevally

A spinning rod of around 100g  (app. 4oz) casting weight and a reel loaded with 30lb favourably braided line is suitable for most situations and allows for long casts. Using the gear described for lighter bottom fishing also is an option. Very important are some meters of monofilament or flourocarbon at the end of the main line. At least about the rod`s length but if the guides are wide enough preferably longer. As the water is extremely clear on most occasions the right choice of trace material is a balancing act. Too strong will cost strikes, too thin often the fish and lure. Barracudas and the always present Garfish which can reach up to 1.5m in length and produce impressive runs and leaps will cut anything except wire or titanium without trouble.

Seychelles fishing spin catch Garfish

Fill your box well with smaller stickbaits, poppers, spoons, plugs and similar lures that allow a rather fast retrieve. With the exception of poppers generally natural designs have proved most attractive but to bring a few lures in screaming colours is no mistake. Other species you may expect are various Snappers, Queenfish, Pompanos, Yellowspotted- and other Trevallies to name just a few. These are in most instances controllable with the recommended gear but there is always a chance for hefty surprises. While swimming, snorkeling or just watching the author a few times detected small groups of 25kg plus Giant Trevallies which are most probably too much for such tackle. Also any average fish can at any time cut your line by pulling it around some coral or rock. Subsequently, as recommended in the popping section, please exchange your treble hooks for barbless singles to allow such fish to survive.

Seychelles fishing spin mixed catch

A very interesting variation is to stalk the shallows and flats with a bit lighter tackle. A spinning rod with a casting weight of around 50g and a braided line of 10kg or so make a suitable setup. Should something really big hit your lure you afterwards will most probably just have an interesting short story to tell. But as you cast at spotted fish and with some realism regarding the capacity of your gear such unfortunate incidents can be avoided most of the time. To your 20lb Flourocarbon leader attach a light and small jighead with a softplastic grub or creature. A great and more durable alternative are small hairjigs. No need for masterpieces. Simple selfmade creations do the job.

You should bring a hat, sunscreen, a landing aid like for example the Boga Grip or at least a pair of heavy construction gloves as some fish have spines and razorsharp scales. Very important is a pair of polarized sunglasses as fishing is often by sight. For wading footwear is imperative as a chip of coral can cause bad infections due to bacteria and even a small scrape tends to heal slow. Wading boots are ideal but a pair of Crocs is still better than nothing. For Praslin some spot recommendations are available on request which depend on season and weather conditions. And last but not least: some hotels provide canoes or kayaks for small money or even for free which considerably extend your operating range.


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