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August 31st, 2022 - click pic collages & albums to enlarge

To start with a small addition to that lousy month of July: the report was just up when my buddy Ted called to inform that admidst the all along so terrible weather he indeed had been out. It was a hopeless struggle until they circled in the small protection of the Sister Islands but got this Sailfish there that was released after the pic.

Was most happy about that as all the fishing done together along the years also triggered him to revive and let these bautiful creatures live on. Now to the events of August that were rather overseeable once again. No lack of fish though and it was again the weather holding anglers back on shore most of the time. But the starting week was not too terrible and at least some seaworthy guests made use of that. Right for the 1st I had set up Andreas from Austria with Brandon on Unreel for Trolling and he was happy with the experience. Next to the Barracuda some Tuna made it into the box while a massive one sadly broke the line.

Also Levi & Son who had featured in the preceeding edition with their shore catches did a trip out of Mahe and were rewarded with 7 Tuna and a Wahoo that came away on the leader.

Here on Praslin though that mix of smaller gamefish mainly consisting also of Tuna like for Greg (Amberjack) and Benoit (Simple Life) was enriched by Sailfish getting active. JD on One Love II had two in a day while Bruno (Eve) got three and Mervin next to the Tuna and that fat Barracuda released another two.

Conditions were still not good enough for anything beyond Trolling and also not for me apart from a single trip into the La Digue Channel for some light jigging that produced nothing presentable but at least nice frequency with some 40 fish up to maybe 3kg. Nevertheless it would have been nice if things had gone on like that but instead the following fortnight was pretty much a mess. The Southeast only dropped slightly below 20kn occasionally and briefly in some of the rain patterns chasing past. Nobody was interested in going out in that except for Italian angler Diego and his brother who were desperate to pop for GTs. As he had been urging and asking for a week we eventually tried with Mervin for a half day on his new boat. Sopping wet by waves, spray and rain throughout these two small Geets released were hard worked for while a proper one sadly dropped the hook.

Apart from that as mentioned all was off including even fly fishing. The water here in the house bay is still a murky green as from a glacier so this and the pretty much constant cloud cover made any wading and spotting impossible. The house rock was also no option as many of the usually anchoring just for the night cats stayed in place all day round. Any better fish would have run into the anchor chains and broken off so no use trying.

Only along the last week things improved a bit but still wind dropping rather just for hours to around 15kn meant rain. Not really motivating for guests and I don`t know what made me try popping for GTs in a somewhat protected area. Along that very precisely every hour a shower moved through which made the wind howl for a while until it dropped again in the rain. For those 5hrs of hardcore casting I should have deserved a GT but none even showed. So only action were from this Jobfish and a dozen kitchen fish along 2hrs of jigging in between. Better than no fishing but not exactly fun to be honest.

Along the following days there were some brief spells of acceptable wind but again those came with so much rain that hardly anyone was tempted to fish. But at least between the showers we had moments of long missed sunshine which came handy for Sandro to get a few pics out of another good trolling day with plenty Dorados, Wahoo and Tuna. But the Sharks were also hungry and grabbed some of the latter.

Today it was also sunny but for the price of strong wind again. Mervin and guest nevertheless headed to the Drop Off in a subsequently very rough sea and for a while sported nothing but long faces. Despite echosounder showed plenty of fish in all spots jigging produced plain nothing. Same story when running after the Yellowfin and casting at them. Strange enough trolling lures they liked and he reported about 20 school size caught. Add 6 Wahoos, that fat Doggie and a Marlin that had grabbed a small lure but broke the thin leader for a lively day.

That`s all for this time. Now I hop on the boat as the weather looks to be cooperative for a change.


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