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August 30th, 2023 - click pic collages & albums to enlarge

As usually along August the Southeast reached it`s peak so opportunities to fish were rare. In the early days of the month we enjoyed a brief spell of a couple of days that were just okay but an attempt to get a GT in extremely green and murky water produced me no activity of whatsoever. The trolling boats did much better as their catches stabilized so in between those mixed bags of Dorados, Wahoos and at last again the school size Tuna the anglers enjoyed catching Sailfish quite regularly. The pics below are from Greg & Andre fishing with their guests on Amberjack.

Along the second week of the month the wind kept everyone on shore as it was blowing too hard but mid month another of those brief somewhat calmer spells occurred. Brandon made good use of that with an Offshore Grand Slam of Dorado, a small Wahoo and a Sailfish on top.

Good job also by Greg again who managed this very presentable GT along a popping trip.

Then it got windy again until my departure to Germany on the 20th and beyond as I learned from the guys. The last few days the weather got really horrible with extreme winds and rains to a point that Mervin yesterday afternoon had to save my boat from hitting a wall as even inside the protected lagoon it had been dragging both anchors. Quite shocking as in the morning Sandro had informed that it was allright after an already very rough night but towards noon the weather had become hell. Never had trouble there before and would thus not have expected such so I am most grateful for the lads to keep an eye and act when necessary. Hoping now that the weather will improve and the thingi is safe with the third anchor set until I return mid September.


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