reports July 2021

Juli 31st, 2021

No real report this time but rather just a sign of life: should have returned to Seychelles a few days ago but am still in Germany until probably mid of August. Did not miss much anyways though. Visitor numbers are still low and as always the Southeast does allow for few days to go out. Just before my departure I had set up Candice and her partner from the US with Martin on large Venure just because of those conditions. That went very well with 3 Sailfish and some bycatch.

Made a few calls via WhatsApp to some of the skippers yesterday. Just a handful of trolling trips in rough conditions had taken place along the rest of the month and produced the usual mixed bags of Tuna, Wahoos, Dorados and at times Sailfish while it was too rough throughout for any popping or jigging.


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