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December 31st, 2022 - click pic collages & albums to enlarge

After last month`s overdose report this edition delivers just  a few small bites. As usually the islands emptied from tourists early December so the flow of charters dried up along the first week during which bits of fishing still took place. Harald from Germany sent me a few pics from a day`s trolling out of Mahe.

On the 6th Christian and friends from Austria enjoyed an action loaded day of Drop Off jigging and Tuna popping with Mervin on Lady C. The Yellowfin were highly active amidst the small bait while not too big so ideal for first timers. And the ladies tagging along were also happy as beyond the fish caught there was lots to see like a whole group of large whales. It was a nice group and the weather was perfect so we all had a good time.

Before and after that trip my German friend Julian who had been on the atol trip did a full and a half day of combined trolling and jigging also with Mervin. It was lesser about his own fishing but instead part of his companies´ jubilee and staff trip so whoever was interested could join. Many actually were and twice it was a good crowd onboard of which most caught the first fish of their lives. Really fun to see the joy and glee about catches we rather don`t raise an eyebrow any more. That`s the blessing of not benig spoiled. Which one inevitably becomes when fishing here regularly and on an ongoing basis as I once more got aware along those fun trips.

Enough time to ponder on that as from then we suffered an extended break of fishing. The following week provided still perfect conditions but no more guests for the charter boats and then the weather turned sour. This first taste of the rainy season brought northerly winds of up to 25 knots and more in gusts lasting until just before Christmas. First boat out again for just a half day trolling was Sandro on the 23rd with a Dorado, a Wahoo and a Tuna plus some Bonitos along a half day. Of such style were also most of the charters that commenced again during the last week but it weren`t that many anyways as the wind came up strong again midweek. Beyond that on the 28th I joined young Italian brothers Michelangelo and Tiziano for a day`s jigging and Tuna popping at the Drop Off with Mervin on Lady C.  Funny enough the jigging bite got ever better along the dropping tide and those decent Amberjacks all came unusually shallow in only around 50m. All in all around 50 fish were caught so it was really lively. Just the situation regarding the Tuna had changed since the last visit some 3 weeks ago. They were still there but smaller and more difficult. To be seen on the sonar in around 50m but only very occasionally found on the surface or willing to raise to poppers so only about half a dozen hooked that way out of about twice as many strikes. But as many on jigs just dropped into them above several hundred meters of water. The lousy Sharks were all still there though and operated at a tax rate of around 50%. 

The two all so pleasant avid freshwater anglers nevertheless were over the moon with the experience and we all onboard really enjoyed their awe. Turned out later that Sandro (Frenzy) also provided his guests with some even more spectacular fishing at another area of our Drop Off that day. Jigging was quality and topped by the release of a Black Marlin on jigging gear that had eaten a hooked Bonito while a bigger one missed to get the hook. Tuna were more active and better size there also as you can see. Not to mention the much bigger one that left the angler spooled.

That brings this year`s reports to an end. A fashionable one I think and am hoping that things will continue in similar shape in the new year ahead. Thanks for your interest in this format, a Happy New Year 2023 and Tight Lines to all of you!


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