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January 31st, 2024 - click pic collages & albums to enlarge

Along the first week of the new year the weather was a proper mess here with strong winds and heavy rains. About every morning the meteo service sent weather alerts via SMS. One could only feel pity for the poor tourists during that traditional high season though there were much fewer than usual. And also for my skipper friends as they lost out on many planned trips of course. The day the weather at last looked okay in the monring two trips took place but out of nothing a really bad storm front lasting only a few hours built up, and speaking to Andre later I learned that he and Greg had been actually scared to cross back just from La Digue to Praslin on their admittedly small boat Amberjack after catching this Sailfish earlier. 

They had seen Edwin on his much bigger Barracuda further out and when I met him later he said exactly the same thing. It must have been real hell out there. This spell of bad weather also hampered Sandro`s week of fishing with a group around the northern atolls badly. He reported after return that they had had exactly one nice day at the end while before the planned jigging was limited to shallows or just impossible. Still they caught some quality fish as you can see while numerous more large Doggies came away one way or another.

The following week the weather was ideal to fish but the tourists were pretty much all gone. Would have liked to go myself but unfortunately my visiting girlfriend brought an unwellness along which I promptly caught, and while I am not sure it was probably CoVid again. Took a good week to get fully rid of that and by then the weather had turned sour once more. Just before that happened though I had picked myself up to tag long an afternoon`s half day of mixed fishing with German angler Heiner and Mervin on GameChanger. Everything done worked somewhat with a Wahoo trolling, some jigging fish, and a few good misses plus the inevitable Shark while popping for GTs at the end.

Mervin headed out to the Drop Off for another charter on the still nice morning of the 17th but was hit out there in another of these really bad storm fronts. It had passed over Praslin heading east a little while after their departure and caught up with them. They tried to fish on but eventually had to head back as it was neither fishable nor safe any more. Mervin said it took them six very umcomfortable and at times scary hours to reach Praslin. This relly pretty big Wahoo was caught just before the real mess hit them.

The next few days were sunny but the wind was blowing steadily at around 20 knots so of course no fishing again. Since about the 22nd though the weather has been nice throughout and things came to a little bit of life though it wasn`t too much. Most boats were and are sitting idle. Only Greg and Andre had a handful inshore fly fishing and light tackle half days. These all worked nicely except for exactly the one morning Swedish angler Peter fished with them on my recommendation. We had communicated extensively before his visit and it felt sad that he picked a day when the fish for whatever reason were completely off. Next day the activity was on again as Andre told me and proved by pictures. Felt really sorry for nice Peter but I guess that`s fishing. 

Else it was only Mervin fishing the Drop Off a couple of times enjoying solid jigging as we like it and in perfect weather on top.

In these pleasant conditions I would have also liked to head out myself but unfortunately my vehicle head a breakdown and since is stuck at the garage. Am feeling sort of jinxed but as there is a bit of the year left I am hopeful to get to fish again some point along the way. The sooner, the better.


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