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April 30th, 2020 - click pic collages to enlarge

This was an extraordinary April in about every way. The whole first week being too windy and wet to even think of any boat activities was most unusual already. On the 9th it was okay at last, as my boat issue had been fixed there was no holding back, and this presentable GT on already the fifth cast made a perfect start. So it did not suck too much that all of the about 40 fish caught jigging along the next two hours remained very small and all other places checked later were about dead.

As two Whalesharks turned up along the afternoon I was still happy with the day until learning in the evening that the next morning a total lockdown would come into effect. Everything closed except shops for foods, stay home, everything prohibited. Even going on a boat alone. Great of course as at last the boat is back here at my place and the weather was mostly perfect to go out. Few other boats were fishing that last possible day which was obviously a good one. For example the 9G Sportfishing team released this Sailfish.

Also another private boat from Mahe did well with this perfect GT double header on poppers.

Meanwhile Brandon (Island Rhythm) here on Praslin even had a charter with guests that had stayed in Seychelles until the situation in Europe would calm down. At least for that day it was worth it as jigging at the Drop Off was pretty good.

But that has been it with fishing for about all others since. So I felt privileged to still have the fly fishing from my veranda and this was quite pleasant along the first days of Easter thanks to a proper baitball in reach. Next to a  handful of not quite as large Trevallies this really fat Yellowspotted gave me hell on the #8 outfit.

Easter Sunday that bait had been munched up though, the predators went elsewhere and things got dull. With not much else to do and no other fishing options I still kept it up and was rewarded in the shape of this Bonefish on the 18th.

Must have been a loner as despite several attempts there was no more for the time being. It is definitely the best time of the year here for these but to go around the island and check the other promising spots was not allowed of course. Also nothing else of interest here those days as frequently snorkeling the by then calm and crystal clear bay regularly showed.

At 4:30am in the morning of the 21st howling winds and crashing waves woke me up. It was a bad storm blowing onshore here at my plave and first light revealed the rope to the stationary anchor had torn while the boat on the other rope was dragging the concrete block mooring to the rocks. So I scrambeld out there and on the bouncing thing to throw another anchor but also that rope broke after an hour and the last small anchor set subsequently did not help. Some point the boat was only five meters from the rocks thus something had to be done. So out into the mess for a third time to run a rope from the boat to the neighbours morring and then somehow drag it there upwind and into the breakers. No idea how I found the Hulk mode to get that done but it worked. Totally unexpected and exceptional weather for nearly end of April nerly causing havoc.  In the afternoon when the conditions and also my heartbeat had already settled a good lot the bay looked like this.

Took several days until the all the seaweed was gone and the water clear enough to fly fish again. Unfortunately and against my hopes the storm had not pushed a new baitball in here so catches remained smal but at least entertaining concerning numbers and variety. Last Monday there actually was a new baitball but the local fishermen also realized that and set their 200m long round net twice. There went about half a ton of those bigeyed Mackerel and unfortunately also several nice predators and small Sharks. My only catch that morning was the single Mackerel in the lower right corner of the pic.

Yesterday though another Bonefish lit things up a bit. Caught despite the bay looking all lifeless. Or maybe just because of that as the guys with their nets did not even bother to try.

That silver bar was of course most welcome and will keep me from going insane until the current lockdown will hopefully be lifted next Monday as announced. Then boat engines will roar here I think. Mine for sure.


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