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August 31st, 2015

To start with there are a few catches from the day of the most recent report which I only got aware of along the follwoing days: a Marlin was released by a Mahe boat and I think it was Island Star. Off Denis Island a potential IGFA Junior World Record for Bonito (6kg) was reported. Some Praslin boats also made use of that comparatively calm day catching mixed bags of smaller gamefish. Christian (Djab Lavwal) had a half day catching three Dorados and Kingfish each plus a Tuna early in the morning already.

A little later they got a big strike on a YoZuri Bonita. After a long fight the culprit revealed itself as a fairly big Shark that was unfortunately not in the state to be released.

On Saturday the 1st the sea was already pretty rough again. Private boat Kuki, a beautiful 32ft Open Cabo resisted the conditions releasing 2 Sailfish. It would have been a perfect day if the briefly visiting Marlin would have gone for one of the lures. After my rather frustrating outing of the previous day I was crazy enough to go for an afternoon`s trip jigging and popping. Actually pretty mad in that sort of conditions and actually even risky. Falling out of the boat must be avoided as the boat drifts so fast there would be no chance at all catching it swimming. But no risk no fun and it paid off quite nicely. Jigging was rather a bit of killing time until popping at high tide. Had tried that spot a few months ago catching a few average size Groupers but this time I got a decent hit already while the jig dropped the first time and I had not even drifted onto the structure. Was a really good fight and the Yellowtail Trevally of about 11kg was one of the biggest I have seen so far.

The structure itself unfortunately was infested by those lousy Pickhandle Barracudas and the first jig was gone on the next drop. Rerigged and dropped once more ahead of the structure. This produced another of those Trevallies though a bit smaller at around 8kg. Next drop next jig gone. Unfortunately that must have been it there with better fish and after losing 3 more jigs I surredered. Was not sure if popping would work at all in this sea but an early miss of a decent Jobfish provided some motivation. About half an hour later the rod was nearly ripped out of my hands while I had been looking out for the Fusiliers. All I could see was a blackish shadow at least the size of a man and also the video gives no evidence what this was. As there are no black Sharks I suspect a Billfish. Not much time for disappointment though as a little later the GT attack came and the fish was on. Thought it would turn out a fairly big one as the fish fought like mad but in the end I had to make do with an average size specimen of a bit less than 30kg. No reason to complain though and after that fish I called it a day.

Unfortunately the cam gave a bit of trouble but a short clip of the big miss and the other fish can be watched here. The next 3 weeks after that the wind blew at between 15 and 20 knots most of the time allowing for very little fishing. Simon (Island Rhythm) faced those conditions a couple of times for half days that produced mixed bags from Dorados, Tuna and Wahoos. Mike (Turnstone) who rarely has fishings caught a Wahoos and a Dorado plus some Bonitos on three afternoon hours. On two of those somewhat calmer days with about 15 knots of wind Mervin (Divinity) even went to the Drop with an obviously seaworthy guest. Day one did not really pay off with just a single Yellowfin Tuna. These were plenty out there but totally focussed on some tiny blue baitfish so that they could not be enticed by any similar or other offer. Neither was the large Bullshark that apperead briefly. Day two went substantially better with Dorado, Wahoo, some Tuna and a realeased Sailfish. From Mahe there were also few news. Boat Kuki tagged and released a Sailfish out of 5 seen. That same day Michael`s large Alati reported 2 Black Marlin lost but a really decent  Yellowfin Tuna of 73kg caught.

Martin on also large Venture had a charter but after an hour and a Wahoo the seasick clients gave order to return. 

Only on the weekend of the 22nd the wind settled a bit briefly. Greg again made use of that as he had already at the beginning of the month for some light tackle trolling very close to the island. This went pleasant for his guests with some Dorados and smaller Kingfish. A bit of spinning also produced the usual suspects. Would have liked to go for some trolling but the only acceptable day for the small boat was the Saturday and my buddies had to work. Also it seems nobody else here on Praslin made use of that little opportunity but Michael`s smaller boat Special K had two brilliant days up north off Denis Island once more: first a Blue Marlin and 2 Sailfish and then a Black Marlin and 5 Sailfish - just brilliant. All fish were released. Since then though nothing at all works. The whole of last week the Southeast would not drop beneath 20 knots and on top we are getting loads of rain which is very unusual for this time of the year. Only this noon we finally see a bit of the sun again but the Southeast keeps blowing.

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