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August 31st, 2019

This report is dealt with rather quickly: during my absence until the middle of the month it had been too windy to fish most of the time. Learned that just a handful of trolling trips had taken place. Most of these were half days and a good share of them even had been cut short by seasick guests. Catches of smaller gamefish were in the usual range while compared to previous years rather few Sailfish were caught despite seen in high numbers. Some of those still had an appetite for a nice lure though like this one by JD from One Love.

Those days the Sailies were somewhat cooperative and with luckily seaworthy guests he was able to get a few more. Am most delighted to learn that he made a habit of letting these fantastic fish go to reproduce. Here is the release of another one by JD.

As especially the area behind the Sisters had produced catches and sightings most of the seven boats competing the annual Sailfish Tournament tried their luck just there in awful conditions. But just that day the obejcts of desire had gone deep so only two releases among the fleet. At least the bycatches were allright in numbers and quality. Biggest Dorado weighed at nearly 8.5kg while the largest Wahoo was just over 20kg and the heaviest Tuna at 31kg. For more details click to enlarge the below report from Seychelles´ daily TODAY.

Just after my return the wind dropped to reasonable fishing conditions for three days. Greg (Bite Me) reported half a dozen not too big Tuna in the 25kg range and next day a nice mix of a Sailfish double plus some Dorados and a big Barracuda. Brendon (Island Rhythm) along with some Tuna had a big Wahoo close to 40kg but unfortunately no pic of it. Fishing was not totally stable though as poor Mervin experienced along 10hrs of trolling inside and at the Drop Off with just a single Bonito to put on the dock. Little news from Mahe also as of course they had to deal with the same unfavourable conditions as we over here on Praslin. If fishing was possible the results were mostly okay but not always as good as this catch by Faizal and friends. Really not bad for just two hours of fishing.

Would have loved to also fish a little along those rare calm days but firstly the gf came over to visit and secondly the boat was still not fixed. So all I got was a short fly fishing in the bay off my place that is visibly deserted of any baitfish and subsequently larger predators. Thus this small Permit popping up among the usual Snappers was already a delight.

The 28th was calm again but just that day was set for the at last boat repair so I could not really argue. Took the nutshell home the following day when it was really windy again so could only do a bit of light jigging along my few inshore spots on the leeside. These on top of all only produced a handful of small fish too embarrasing to show here. Thus even more frustrating that none of the bunch of smaller GTs in the 8kg range raised along a few casts in impossible conditions at the harbour spot hooked up. Fly fishing is neither a good resort these days as all places are impossible to fish except for the mentioned bay off my doorstep. But as said no bait, no predators and on top too murky for any sight fishing for Bones or Permit as the undercurrent still brings big waves continuously. So just the usual mix of small fish caught blind fishing of which this Thumbprint Snapper of about 1kg was already the top end.

So for now nothing left but to wait for better conditions while the current forecast with winds of around 20 knots and waves in the 2m range is just depressing. But maybe the Southeast this year will falter as early as it had set in late? Would not mind at all such miracle.


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