reports June 2018

June 30st, 2018

This will be a rather short report as traditionally in June we see few tourists and thus fishing trips limited by the Southeast on top that has set in. Also on the 13th my annual trip to Germany was due so from that date the flow of information was naturally limited. Before departure I tried to fish as much as possible of course and right on the 1st there was finally the opportunity to try fly fishing on La Digue. Met up with Hans known from the last report early noon at low tide. Had never tried or even just investigated the reefs of La Digue from a fly angler`s perspective but choice of area was limited to just south of La Passe port by the wind anyways. Covered lots of area not casting much to get an idea of the place while Hans worked certain structures with concentration. That was more productive and he got about 10 of the usual smaller suspects with this nice Poutmouth in beautiful scenery among them.

In the afternoon a school of not so big and spooky Golden Trevallies permitted both of us several clear casts but despite those fish moving over the area like vacuum cleaners we only recorded two brief touches. Next day the reef at Anse La Blague on Praslin produced me a handful of Groupers, Thumbprint Snappers and a Trumeptfish on fly. First hookup had been a Triggerfish. Had it on the leader already but let it swim to get the GoPro going and it came off. So neither pic nor catch. Most annoying. Another day later it was just calm enough to jig a little in the La Digue channel for a few kitchen fish. This worked as usually with some 20 Groupers, Jobfish and different Trevallies. Again two Goldens were among those but of course released.

On the 7th it was calm enough for another alone trip further out. A little popping in the morning and again in the afternoon produced just a Jobfish with again no GT seen. Small jigging in between was really cool though and my old friend`s freezer got filled up nicely. Between the many average fish were also quite a few good ones as the pic shows. Clockwise see Emperor Snapper, Jobfish, Whiteblotched Grouper and Yellowspotted Trevally. 

The next day the wind was back and did not settle until my departure. Thus the 7 participating boats in the annual Heineken 

Heineken Slam Tournament off Mahe had the usual roller coaster time out there. Winner by big margin with 4 slams out of Dorado, Wahoo and Tuna plus a realeased Blue Marlin turned out team FinS fishing on Alati while the runner-up had a slam and a Sailfish. After that not much more happened. A small tournament on Praslin between a handful of commercials produced the common bottom catches as well as two dozen school size Tuna and a Marlin. The few charter boats running reported lots of raised Sailfish but no hookups. Same experience for a holiday catamaran crew but Tuna and other fish to eat were not short. A few days ago it was briefly calm enough for Mervin (Divinity) to take a guest popping. The GTs were active with several raises and two caught.

This morning I received info that Greg has the the refurbished boat back in the water and the maiden trip went nicely with Bonitos, Tuna and this Sailfish. Good job!

Nothing else from Mahe. So seems I am not missing much at the moment but would still prefer to be back in Seychelles already.


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