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July 2nd, 2015

After an apart from two really nice fishing days with buddy Marco rather unsipring month in Germany I yesterday finally returned to the place I had been missing badly all the time. To again enjoy this panoramic veranda view of calm and crystal clear Cote d`Or bay is just priceless.

While away I had followed the wind situation to some degree being already astounded that the Southeast had still not really set in and upon arrival actually there was nothing more than a light breeze. Same was forecast for today so of course I planned to go for some popping. On my way to check on the boat yesterday afternoon though I unfortunately hit a stone and nearly tore off the tip of a big toe so had to change course to the doctor instead: no fishing for a while but instead time to get this short report out to you. Findings of what had happened here on Praslin were as meager as expected though as June traditionally is touristic off season. Martin was off to Austria, Mervin as some other skippers had the boat out of the water and also the rest hardly had a charter and most actually none at all. Only JD (One Love) a few days ago was out getting a couple Yellowfin Tuna while Bertrand (Yam Sing) caught a Marlin of about 80kg. That has been it already but everyone is wondering about the weather. Instead of the usual constant Southeast of about 15 knots the wind had been moving around blowing from all directions really hard some days while dying to nothing the next. On top the islands had a lot more rain than usual for this time of the year. Mervin remembers a similar pattern some 15 years ago and reckons we will face an extended Southeast season this year. If he is right this will mean all the tournaments and trips planned for the top season starting end of October will become a roller coaster affair. Also from Mahe there were very little news. I got aware of this Sailfish released by Nicholas (Mimi II) but not much else.

Really good though that catch & release is applied by ever more boats and skippers these days. Highlight of the month for sure was the SSFC/Heineken Funfish Slam Tournament held out of Mahe on June 27th that produced a good turnout of 16 boats. Main goal in this format is to get together a Slam of Tuna, Dorado and Wahoo of which eventually 14 were recorded. Winners became the A-Team just edging out team Kuki. Must have been a really tight affair as also Team Mimi II had two Slams and on top lost a 200+kg Marlin. On top during the tournament another Marlin and 6 Sailfish were caught. All Billfish were released and the Release Trophy went to team FinS. All in all another great event organized by the Seychelles Sports Fishing Club. Last but not least I picked up that one of those big Rivieras based on Mahe fished far south of the Drop Off catching 6 Marlin and a Spearfish but have no further details on sizes etc yet. Now it is going to be interesting if the Southeast will finally set in normally or if we will experience a really unusual phenomenon this year. The forecast for the week to come speakes for normality which I think is soothing in a way as the other option would mean a substantal change of the common pattern with repercussions nobody can assume. But we will have to see what really happens.

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