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June 30th, 2014

That the mid month update went missing probably tells already that June provided very little to report. Due to very few tourists and the strong Southeast there were hardly any trips and the few limited to 3 hours or so as by then the guests had enough of the roller coaster - if they stood it that long at all.


The first two weeks of June were blown away completely except Mervin`s single 3hrs fishing that produced next to some Bonitos also a Tuna. This was good news because there had been hardly any recently. For Saturday the 14th the forecast had been good for days before and a boat from La Digue had caught some Tuna the previous day. So we (that is Ted, his brother Ian an I) went out even though it turned out not to be that calm at all. But with waves of about 2.5m and some clearly more than 3m it was still possible to fish. We found the Tuna right away and later also Dorados by the dozens but did not get a single strike. This was odd as all those fish were clearly feeding and after 6hrs without even getting a touch in the middle of the Tuna frenzy we gave up. My suspicion was that all these fish must have been totally focused on bait a lot smaller than anything we had to offer. Very frustrating.


Two days later the calm spell finally came so I went again on my own with just 2 rods. One I fished with the usual productive Halco and the other with a tiny lure about the size of a match. Also took a spinning gear to cast at the Tuna but these had moved out in the meantime. Still my theory was confirmed as in just 2hrs I caught several fish among which also was a single Tuna. Funny enough that one came a mere 50m of the coast of Big Sister Island.

The 4 Bonitos as well as the Wahoo and that Tuna all vomited countless tiny baitfish and except one of the Bonitos all had taken the micro lure. Some point out there Greg called me: he had been fishing that morning up North for 3hrs and caught 5 Tuna plus 10 Bonitos all on tiny lures also. While cleaning my fish I got another Bonito - guess on what - but this one did not make in the day`s catch pic.

So this was a good lesson and from now on a set of mini lures will always stay on the boat. The following week provided for quite reasonable conditions. Martin had two half days and Mervin also one catching mixed bags from Bonitos, Tuna and Wahoos. Next to that I only got aware of two 3hrs trips. One produced 2 Wahoos and the other a quite large Sailfish that was estimated 50-60kg. The last week of the month gave no chance to go out as the wind picked up to more than 20kn at times with quite a bit of rain on top. Only at the weekend things calmed but due to a small but annoying injury I could not make any use of that and also had to stay behind for the annual Heineken Slam Tournament in Mahe. Quite sad as this edition next to the usual goal of catching the `slam` of Dorado, Wahoo & Tuna presented an innovation: a new perpetual trophy for most Billfish releases was up for grabs thus providing for another important step towards conservation of these magnificent creatures. The new cup´s design by the way indicates the relatively new cooperation between Seychelles Sports Fishing Club (SSFC) with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). 

10 boats ventured out at midnight into conditions quite perfect for this time of the year. The new trophy was taken by team Mimi2 for a Sailfish tag & release. Overall winners became team Blue Lady as they got the slam together by catching the only Dorado of the day. The heaviest Wahoo was 14.52kg while the largest Tuna weighed at 39.18kg.

Funny enough Andre & Greg today had two small fishings. These produced next to Bonitos some 10 Yellowfin Tuna and on top half a dozen Skipjacks which are somewhat an unusual catch so far inside on the plateau. But that is all now for this month.


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