reports September 2020

September 30th, 2020 - click pic collages to enlarge

The first week of September was seasonally typical with strong winds permitting for just a bit of light jigging in the La Digue Channel on the 6th once more. That went well with a load of kitchen fish and some better ones in between. Sad though that 3 quality fish came away.

The 9th was calm enough to try for GTs in the west but along a hard work`s day only a single one came up. Chasing the lure along the surface it was safely on but inexplicably dropped the hook when already visible right under the boat. That usually never happens and sucked a lot. The next day with a view to my upcoming Germany trip I took the boat to the safety of Baie St. Anne. The popping rod was with me to fish until noon but only a lackluster Shark and a duo of smaller GTs following twice showed despite all efforts. So no luck for me with the Geets before my departure but the private angler from Mahe who contributed a lot to this format along recent months was on the roll with reliably getting one each week.

That`s impressive and the fotos are just great on top – many thanks! Am quite surprised as according to all my sources the rather few GT spots around Mahe are said to be heavily overfished. But this angler either fishes elsewhere or is getting a few things really right. He is also really skilled in other fishing techniques and gave proof of that by catching 4 Milkfish on fly from a boat on the 27th. I am most impressed.

During my absence from the 11th to the 25th here on Praslin nothing happened as far as sports fishing is concerned. But the small commercials ran into several Marlin of which one was caught on a lure trolled to the bottom fishing spot. Two more were landed as they took fish hooked on the baited handlines of which the bigger one was 150-170kg. This looks promising for the upcoming season and I hope we will see anglers visiting Seychelles to enjoy it. Yesterday I fetched the boat home from Baie St. Anne and again cast at the same spots as on they way there. First fish was indeed a GT but at 55cm too small to be satisfactory. After that came a Garfish, then a Shark and some point there was only a last and usually not so promising spot to try. But it produced.

At around 35kg a really good size GT and most welcome of course to close the day and my fishing for this month on a high. October should provide for more calm days to fish and I hope it will.


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